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Summer S-t-r-e-t-c-h July 2020

Three assumptions:

  1. Education is about more than any schol curriculum can provide.

  2. Many young people want more than we can currently offer, inside or outside of school.

  3. It's a long time until September. Whatever September may bring.

Working from this position, my school has been working hard to offer stretch and challenge opportunities in the form of, for example, a virtual Sports Day, lockdown drama and even a staff literary quiz, among many other supplements to online lessons using Teams.

In that spirit, the simple resources (see link below) offer a contribution designed to support pupils and parents wishing to go above and beyond subject learning. They comprise:

  • a One-Hour Essay Challenge which could readily double up as a family discussion and debate stimulus

  • my final list of Lockdown Learner websites, now up to 101 entries

  • some simple suggested ways of linking tasks together.

These resources have been emailed to every pupil and notified to parents; they are intended as a stimulus to higher and better thinking and learning. They are avowedly not homework.

Who knows where they might lead?

You are welcome to use, improve and share. Please follow the link here.

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