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Model United Nations

MUN offers brilliant stretch and challenge at no cost.  All you need are some keen students and some time spent researching different countries' position on a current issue.  Interested in getting started?  This New Delegate and Adviser booklet may help.  There are local MUNs all over the country for your students to join and enjoy.

Short-Form MUN

No time to learn the full MUN procedure?  This is a guide to a 30 minute Short-Form MUN ideal for a lunchtime club or after school session.

Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes are a brilliant way of aiding recall, revision and retention.  Every student should know about them.  This was my presentation to Year 9 and 10 pupils recently.

researchEd Cymru presentation 29/2/2020

This is the presentation from the day and is stripped back!  A fuller Powerpoint is on the way.

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