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Lockdown Learners

The word 'opportunity' may be overused in education, but in some degree what faces young people over coming weeks is precisely that. Suddenly the distinction between term time and holidays has blurred, just as the boundary lines in many families between teacher, parent and pupil have become fuzzy. In the weeks ahead (whatever we call them), children have the chance to be reminded that education is about more than the next test, homework or knowledge organiser.

Lockdown Learners offers my list of over 50 websites offering education for its own sake. They are about the journey rather than the destination, the experience rather than the end result. A number of organisations such as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and

some museums have opened up subscription-only resources to all, free for the duration. Let's explore, and savour.

My list includes some well-known sites but also many that are less obvious, such as the resources of the UK Linguistics Olympiad, which will appeal equally to children who enjoy puzzles or coding, Maths or Languages. Lockdown Learner sites are not revision focussed, and don't cover all traditional subjects, but rather offer gateways into whole worlds of discovery, appealing to the eye, the ear, the taste buds and the mind. There are of course many others which could be added.

This list has been sent to every pupil at my school. Some may ignore it, some may shrug and others may fleetingly dip in a toe; I await their responses. In the first 24 hours, 105 pupils joined the Google Classroom I linked to the list, so that is promising.

The list is here. If it is of any use to you or your students, please use, share and enjoy.

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