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Updated: Lockdown Learners

Some people found the earlier iteration of this post useful. I've now updated the sites from around 50 to 86.

What the list is:

  • Designed to support pupils and students on a learning journey: it's about discovery, thinking and learning for its own sake

  • Websites, not apps, though there are a few YouTube links

  • Probably most useful to secondary schools and colleges

  • Trying to list some sites, or parts of sites, which have now become free. Subscriptions have been suspended on a number of sites

  • Designed to encourage Active Listeners and Active Responders via Google Classroom, or any format you consider appropriate - or indeed, none.

What the list is not:

  • Comprehensive: it's just a sample

  • Designed to cover every subject or curriculum area

  • About revision sites, recall or retrieval practice

You are welcome to share it, borrow it, steal it and improve it. The list is here.


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